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TELEHEALTH and a diverse selection of services designed specifically to cater to your health needs.

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We truly believe that we are only as strong as our staff. We employ qualified individuals who excel in their positions. 

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Our office provides a relaxing "spa-like" atmosphere complete with fountains and light music in each room.  ​

Dr. Cara L. Speier, DO, FACOOG

Board Certified Physician, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Medical Director

New and Existing patients may submit requests in the adjacent link. TELEHEALTH visits may be requested in the adjacent link or via your secured patient portal. Sick and well visits may be scheduled during COVID-19.

  Farmington Hills

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Our Experienced Professional Medical Staff Takes Great Pride in Taking a Personal Approach to Healthcare and offering Telehealth


Medical Director LifeCycles OB/GYN

Dr. Cara L. Speier